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  • Industry Leading Virtual Cloud Keeps Businesses Running During Attacks
    Prevail Over Cryptolocker After Targeted Attacks
  • Never worry about buying, patching or maintaining your network again
    Pay-As-You-Grow for a Fully Managed Enterprise Network
  • We Believe in Offering a Rewarding Program
    Introducing Our New Channel Partner Program

What Our Customers Are Saying

Abacus Private Cloud is a practice-changing product! It is without a doubt a robust, viable way to work, and it makes complete business and practical sense for lawyers to adopt. I will never go back to the alternative of local servers with local support – Abacus Private Cloud is the pinnacle of Private Cloud computing.

I tell everyone I know they should be in a private cloud. The security is there – it’s a non-issue. The connectivity is there. The flexibility and collaboration is there. There’s really no reason not to make the move.

Abacus Private Cloud is great! Not having to worry about sever-related technical issues has lifted a huge burden from our shoulders. With the Abacus team handling everything, we're able to focus on our clients and growing.

Abacus Private Cloud is definitely the way to go, especially for firms who donít have the time, budget or knowledge to manage their own IT infrastructure. Abacus Private Cloud provides all of the support we need and all of the tools necessary to run our firm in a way that allows us to maximize profits.

Give Your Practice a Private Cloud for Legal Case Management Software

New data privacy laws coupled with compliance regulations make it difficult for solo attorneys & law firms to mitigate security risks, which is why we recommend moving local IT infrastructure, confidential business data & critical applications into your own Abacus Private Cloud. Unlike SaaS, data centers, or public cloud products, Abacus Private Cloud gives you complete control of your data & peace of mind knowing you have the ultimate disaster recovery solution.

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