Don’t make a mistake buying time, billing and accounting software. It needs to be integrated into your practice management software.

Only AbacusLaw Gold is integrated with AbacusLaw to give you a BILL button everywhere you need it.

Unlike all other time, billing and accounting software, only AbacusLaw Gold integrates perfectly with AbacusLaw. While AbacusLaw has for decades integrated with other billing and accounting software, no other programs work like AbacusLaw Gold. AbacusLaw Gold includes everything in AbacusLaw, plus time, billing and accounting. Even if you don’t bill for your time, you need to know how productive your staff is and what they’re working on. AbacusLaw Gold lets you easily track and manage everyone’s time.

With AbacusLaw Gold you bill while you work with just a click. Whether drafting or reading emails, creating documents, writing notes, or working on tasks, appointments or other calendared events, there’s a bill button everywhere you need it which creates a bill slip for the time you just spent working.

Like AbacusLaw, AbacusLaw Gold is completely configurable. Everything from the chart of accounts to the format of your bills, fee arrangements and billing schedules are flexible and configurable to meet your needs. And you can restrict what each person can see and change so you don’t have to worry about sensitive data being compromised.

Don’t miss opportunities to get paid

  • Bill for emails, phone calls, documents and more with just a click
  • Get reports to see where your staff is spending time
  • Virtually unlimited billing formats and fee arrangements

Never chase fees

  • Accept all major credit cards and electronic checks from your clients so you’ll always be paid on time
  • Never overdraft your client’s trust account
  • Choose the bill format and fee arrangement that suits you and your clients
  • Configure your bills to appear as you want them. Change fonts, wording and placement of text, or add your firm’s logo.

Streamline accounting

  • Automatically match case activity to accounts receivable and payable
  • Prepare standard or customized client invoices
  • Print checks and reports

See all core AbacusLaw and AbacusLaw Gold features here.

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