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AbacusLaw features include legal calendaring, contact management, case management, document handling, document production, conflict checks, phone messaging, time capture, law office billing and accounting — so you will be able to do everything from any location.

The critical feature you can’t get from any other software

It’s amazing that after all these years and so many imitators having come and gone, no other software gives you the power to reconfigure without any programming required.


Legal Calendaring

From statutes of limitations to staff assignments, AbacusLaw tracks everything and everyone in one master calendar with multiple views.

You choose what type of calendar, layout and content you want – daily, weekly, monthly or side-by-side staff calendar.

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Court rules and your workflows

The AbacusLaw rules engine calculates all critical deadlines for a matter based on the appropriate Federal, State and Local court rules that you can get from us or create on your own.

You can also use it for workflows and to set milestones that can be assigned to different staff and tracked.

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Remote Access and Mobile Sync

With wireless synchronization, smart alarms, and mobile access you’ll never miss a meeting or deadline and always have up-to-date information.

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Case Management

From matter details and handling instructions to case notes, documents and emails, AbacusLaw keeps everything organized in one central location.

You can choose to add additional fields and tabs to your matter screens as your practice dictates – there’s no limit to the number of fields you can add.

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Conflict of Interest Checking

Know for certain if you can take on a new case or client by running all potential opposing parties through AbacusLaw’s conflicts checker.

Search by name, partial name, social security number or perform a “sounds like” search.

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Dynamic Data Capture

Intake screens help you quickly and easily sign up new clients and start new matters.

Once you enter information, AbacusLaw automatically populates the matter record, creates contact links and sets rules-based calendar events.

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To avoid hiccups, it’s important to know what’s going on in all aspects of your firm. Who changed this record? What type of case is the most profitable? Do I have any cases in jeopardy of malpractice? We know you don’t have time to build these reports, so we’ve included them for you.

AbacusLaw comes with over 100 standard reports, plus the ability to easily create unlimited custom reports.

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Contact Management

AbacusLaw stores all contact information for everyone from clients to judges in one location. You can add an unlimited number of additional fields to your contact screens to track information pertinent to your contacts.

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Remote Access and Mobile Synchronization

With wireless sync and mobile access you’ll never be without important contact information again.

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Document Management

Store an unlimited number of documents, of any type, to your case files. The full text search bar lets you quickly and easily find what you need.

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Document and Form Generation

Create personalized document templates from your frequently used documents and forms. AbacusLaw auto-fills them with information already in your database, giving you error-free, signature ready documents and forms in just minutes. Subscribe to our forms or build your own as your practice dictates.

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Email Storage

Store all incoming and outgoing emails from Outlook within AbacusLaw. No matter who in your office sends or receives an email, it’s centrally available to everyone.

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Phone Messages

Say goodbye to sticky notes! AbacusLaw allows you to take messages for unavailable colleagues and link the message to case and client records.

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Instant Messaging

Use MessageSlips™, the intra-office-only instant messaging system, within AbacusLaw to immediately send and receive messages, take notes, schedule call back reminders and more.

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Time Tracking

Time Capture

Timers ensure that everyone’s time is recorded accurately and completely for each activity. AbacusLaw has a bill button everywhere you need it so you won’t miss opportunities to get paid.

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Billing and Invoicing

Create professional, polished invoices any way you want them. AbacusLaw Gold adapts to your billing schedule and can accommodate hourly, flat fee, minimum fee, payment plans and more.

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Credit Card Processing

Accept credit card payments from your clients and you’ll never have to worry about chasing fees again.

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Whether you have two employees or a hundred employees, AbacusLaw’s Payroll Processing function will streamline and automate your firm’s payroll.

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Law Firm Accounting

Unlike all other time, billing and accounting software, only AbacusLaw Gold integrates perfectly with AbacusLaw. Don’t waste time crunching numbers. AbacusLaw accounting is flexible, configurable and intuitive.

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Trust Accounting

Meet trust account requirements and provide a safeguard from inadvertently overdrawing a client’s trust account or a trust matter. AbacusLaw Gold tracks all trust activity, from deposits to printing checks, with detailed on-screen or printed reports.

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