Legal Billing

Create professional, polished invoices the way you want them.

Any fee arrangement. All billing schedules.

AbacusLaw is designed to be completely configurable. Everything from the chart of accounts to the format of your bills, fee arrangements and billing schedules are flexible and customizable to meet your needs. Change fonts, wording, placement of text, or add your firm’s logo.

Print accurate bills the first time

Unlike other legal billing systems that require you to print pre-bills, AbacusLaw lets you preview bills and make changes directly on screen – instantly and accurately.

Instantly & easily collect payments from your clients

Accept credit card payments from your clients and you’ll never have to worry about chasing fees. AbacusLaw has a built-in credit card processing module, XCharge.
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Other AbacusLaw billing features include:

  • Interim statements: Send interim reminder statements half way through the billing period to encourage prompt payments.
  • Past due notices: Automatically calculate a late charge based on a user-defined percentage.
  • Electronic billing: Generate an actual bill in LEDES 1998B format.
  • Split billing: Select a matter, then define the sub client/matters to be billed, with assigned percentages of fees and costs.

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