Legal Calendaring

Are you putting your practice at risk by using a legal calendar that can’t accommodate your specific needs?

Only AbacusLaw lets you detail your calendar your way.

From statutes of limitations to staff assignments, AbacusLaw tracks everything and everyone in one master calendar with multiple views. You choose what type of calendar, layout and content you want – daily, weekly, monthly or side-by-side staff calendar. Drag and drop events, change the colors and more.

Reduce calendar errors with AbacusLaw:

  • View and update your calendar from your smart phone or tablet.
  • Create, modify and edit limitless calendar rules to automatically schedule (and reschedule) sequential deadlines and reminders.
  • Setup rules with your intake forms to automatically calendar meetings, appointments, deadlines and other milestones for each of your clients.
  • Smart alarms alert you of upcoming tasks at designated intervals.
  • Over 100 included reports help you stay on track of all deadlines. Use any report out-of-the-box or easily create your own to suit your needs. Learn more about reports here.
        • The malpractice alert report details any matters that have no future activities calendared.
        • Print a calendar report to see all events scheduled for a particular attorney or your entire office.


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