Instant and Accurate Document & Form Generation

The key to increasing your firms productivity and maximizing efficiency is to use document and form templates. 

Doc Gen 1 FileThe fully integrated AbacusLaw software platform automates the generation of standard documents and court forms by populating them with case and client data from within AbacusLaw. You’ll produce error-free, signature-ready documents and forms in minutes.

Subscribe to Court Forms for your jurisdiction from Abacus or work with the Abacus Professional Services team to create your own library of personalized forms and document templates.

  • Reduce errors: AbacusLaw eliminates the chance of mistakes by automatically filling out your court forms using the information in your existing database.
  • Stop redundant, manual data entry: You have already taken the time to input the information into AbacusLaw, why waste time inputting the same data to another program?
  • Increase productivity: Increase the number of forms you create in the same amount of time. Enter the data once and Abacus automatically fills in all related fields.
  • Improve organization: No more searching your computer for completed forms. With Abacus, all your finished forms are linked to the matter for easy retrieval.
  • Import Legal Solutions profiles: Thousands of law firms have switched from Legal Solutions to AbacusLaw and imported their case profiles.
  • Compatible with all e-filing providers: All saved PDF forms are in PDF or PDF/A format and are full text searchable.
  • Don’t wait for updates via snail mail: All updates are provided online for quick and easy installation.
  • Open and work on multiple forms simultaneously: You can even fill multiple forms for the same case at the same time!

We currently offer over 50 sets of forms including:

Arizona Family Forms
California Judicial Council Forms
California County Forms
Illinois (Cook County) Forms
Florida Family Law Forms
Immigration Forms
Massachusetts Family Forms
Nevada Family Forms
New Jersey Court Forms
New York Family Forms
Oregon Family Forms
Wisconsin Circuit Court Forms

Click the image below to see a sample document auto-filled with information from AbacusLaw.


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