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Abacus offers fully integrated Case Management, Billing and Accounting Solutions for small, medium and large sized firms in all practice areas and jurisdictions of law. Out-of-the-box they’re designed to simplify the adoption, implementation and management of Legal Technology, you’ll be able to focus on what you do best: Practicing Law!

With recent ethics rulings by the American Bar Association which state that , “In order to provide competent representation to your clients, you must possess the knowledge, skill, thoroughness and preparation when it comes to, not only the law, but to technology as well…” the time is now to enable your success and secure your future!

With over 30 years of service and more than 250,000 users worldwide, we recognize that every firm is unique and has specific ways of handling cases. To this end, our Practice Management Experts will assess, design, deploy, implement and manage a custom tailored solution for you to meet your specific needs and reach your goals.




Through every phase of your cases, AbacusLaw dynamically captures and stores critical case and client data to keep your cases progressing and to prevent important details and deadlines from falling through the cracks.

  • Don’t waste time searching for information
    All documents, emails, notes, events, client communications and phone messages are linked to your case files for quick and easy retrieval. Search and find all details instantly using full-text search bars and access your in formation from any smart phone or tablet.
  • Reduce risks
    Eliminate missed deadlines, appointments and malpractice risks, avoid conflicts of interest and reduce errors in document and form production.
  • You won’t feel out of control again
    Assign, manage and view activity for every matter and your entire staff from one location, eliminate scheduling conflicts and easily generate over 100 standard reports as well as unlimited custom reports.


AbacusLaw Gold

AbacusLaw Gold is the only time tracking, billing and accounting platform that seamlessly integrates with AbacusLaw to give you a BILL button everywhere you need it. With AbacusLaw Gold you bill while you work with just a click. Whether drafting or reading emails, creating documents, writing notes, or working on tasks, appointments or other calendared events, there’s a bill button everywhere you need it which creates a bill slip for the time you just spent working.

  • Don’t miss opportunities to get paid
    Bill for emails, phone calls, documents and more with just a click. Get reports to see where your staff is spending time. AbacusLaw Gold accommodates virtually unlimited billing formats and fee arrangements.
  • Never chase fees
    Accept all major credit cards and electronic checks from your clients so you’ll always be paid on time. Never overdraft your client’s trust account. Choose the bill format and fee arrangement that suits you and your clients.
  • Streamline accounting
    Automatically match case activity to accounts receivable and payable. Prepare standard or customized client invoices. Print checks, reports and more with just a click.


Features & Benefits

AbacusLaw and  AbacusLaw Gold include all of the features you need to scale up your practice, handle more cases and consistently deliver ‘Best Possible Outcomes’ for your clients – all  in one fully-integrated platform.



Abacus offers both In-Office or Virtual Practice Environments. Not sure which is right for your needs? Let our experts help you assess your options with a no-obligation Technology Readiness Assessment.


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